Natural Health In Australia

The Australian Natural Health Group

Australians are becoming more acutely aware of the significant role natural health practices and therapists play in maintaining our wellbeing.  Their skills, whether it be in massage, aromatherapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture or one of the other complimentary health fields, have much to offer in the way we understand the human body in times of distress and good health.

The Australian Natural Health Group supports the natural health community within Australia.  It promotes complimentary health, supports therapists and practitioners and fosters pubic awareness and accessibility; sharing information, products and resources relevant to our Natural Health Industry.

Businesses, practitioners and relevant networks can join the Australian Natural Health Group. Some of our members include those below.   Each supports our Group  Project “Helping Hands”

If you wish your organisation to promote and sponsor this project – please contact us.   Your membership requires that you offer services or products that contribute to the benefit of Australian’s wellbeing through complimentary health.

Business Sites

Massage Therapy Business Hub – Industry Association and Business Community for Massage Therapists
Massage Media
Massage digital and print media and marketing resources
Massage Therapists Online
Australia’s most comprehensive site for Massage Therapy

Search Sites

Find A Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy Search Engine
Massage Connect
Australian Masssage Marketing

Partnering Organisations

Massage Therapy Pages
Comprehensive Australian Massage Therapy Portal
Massage Warehouse Australia
Massage Therapy Supplies and Equipment – world brands
EarthLite Australia
World’s #1 Brand in Massage Tables and Equipment
HealthPlus ME
Massage Equipment Specialists